Tessy with Mac & Dudu

We purchase MAC & DUDUfrom gracy persian kittens, we were afraid because they were far away from us, different state, so they have to ship MAC & DUDU to us at D.C, I was scared to send them money but as soon we made the payment, everything was fine they register MAC & DUDU and ship them to my home address. It was an amazing experience. We have been infatuated with them ever since. Not only are they beautiful, but they are the sweetest most well-behaved little lovies. they are so snuggly! We can’t wait to get them a playmate! I would 100% recommend gracy persian kittens to anyone who wants a healthy, beautiful persian kitten.

Jaydeep Mane with Cordelia

Simply an update to tell you how Cordelia is getting along. We are stunned at how friendly she is and the manner in which she generally needs to be with you. My two different felines are getting used to her, and surprisingly go around and play with her once in a while. What a marvelous cat. Much thanks to you Gracy Persian Kittens.

Aishwarya with Loki Mischief

We couldn’t possibly be happier with Loki! He came home on December 21, 2016 – since that day, my life has felt more complete. He is the sweetest, most mischievous little guy ever; in fact, his registered name is “Loki Mischief”. It’s such a delight to know that any time I have a question, you’re available.